Friday, April 14, 2017

spring break 2017 pt 1

We wanted Spring Break to be low key, but take advantage of the kids being out of school to see family and do some special things. The first day we took a day trip to the farm to celebrate Uncle Ken's 70th birthday. The kids got to do some of their favorite things like playing with puppies, jumping on hay bales, and playing a game that they made up with their cousins called "chicken rodeo," which is essentially chasing the chickens back into the coop. Even Uncle Ken got up on the hay bales at 70 years young! We were also able to see all the damage the wildfires did around Buffalo. It was amazing and scary to see how close it got to the farm. It still smelled smoky even though it had been over a week.

We then took a quick trip to Dallas. We stayed with Aunt Elaine and loved our time with her. We took Elle to the American Girl store as an early birthday present. Then in the afternoon we went to the Dallas arboritum. We spent all our time in the Children's Garden. It's such a beautiful place, and I love to go back to see the rest of the garden. The next day we spent the morning at Legoland and then headed home in the afternoon. The kids are all into legos so it was perfect for them right now. Todd loves Ninjago and the playplace was perfect for him. They had a couple or rides, one which all of us could ride. Reese could have spent all day going down the duplo slide. Other activities included a 4d movie, Star Wars lego room, lots of lego building stations, and lego cars for the bigger kids to drive. While more expensive than I would have liked we got a good experience.

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