Saturday, April 15, 2017

jr master chefs

The kids and I have a new activity to do together. We watch Master Chef Jr. I've watched previous seasons and thought the kids would enjoy it, but this is the first season I felt like they would be able to pay attention long enough to follow along. They instantly loved it! It's funny for them, and they've picked some favorite contestants. They've also been impressed that kids so young can do so much, and I love the way the kids on the show are so encouraging to each other. It has inspired them to help more in making meals, which has been really nice. I was also hoping it would inspire them to try some new foods, but not so much yet. I've also found them playing with the play kitchen more often, and timing each other to cook things. I'm planning a night when Chris is staying late at the dorm to have a "Master Chef" night and do a little competition with them to make dinner. We'll see who can earn their apron!

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