Monday, February 6, 2017

current state of the house

We've had to rearrange a bit upstairs to make room for baby brother. Or Reese's "Baby Boy" as she's been calling him. She'll pat my tummy and say "you've got my baby boy in your tummy." 

Anyway, Reese got a new bed that Chris made like the two other loft beds. That wouldn't fit in the room that the girls shared, so they've moved to the spare bedroom. We were going to slide the crib into Todd's room, but it wouldn't fit with his bed and dresser so they're moving to what the girl's room was. The boys room is now the spare/guest room.

You know those tile puzzles where you can't move one piece before you move another? That's what it's been like. One tile, or piece at a time. Below are some pics of the mess we've gotten ourselves into. It's now moved around more, but there's still work to do. I will post final pictures soon I hope!

Reese's new bed:

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