Saturday, April 22, 2017

easter 2017

Checking out their loot from the Easter Bunny!

Tried to get a picture as soon as we got to church while they were fresh. Todd was just not having it!

Reese really loves her dress. She is telling me, "it's a dress like Ariel's!" Still our little mermaid!

We did an Easter program this year.

Here's a little sample:

Umpteenth time for an egg hunt in the gym!

Finally got a family picture when we got to Tulsa. Still Todd not having it, and I'm resolved to the fact that we'll probably rarely have a picture with everyone looking at the camera.

One with the cousins! They're all so big!

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening at the Taylors' house. Probably my last time to get to Tulsa before baby boy comes. My feet were so swollen by the time we got there. The kids did egg hunts, egg dying, and lots of playing! We ate lots of yummy food!

And another picture with the cousins in their jammies before we headed home.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

jr master chefs

The kids and I have a new activity to do together. We watch Master Chef Jr. I've watched previous seasons and thought the kids would enjoy it, but this is the first season I felt like they would be able to pay attention long enough to follow along. They instantly loved it! It's funny for them, and they've picked some favorite contestants. They've also been impressed that kids so young can do so much, and I love the way the kids on the show are so encouraging to each other. It has inspired them to help more in making meals, which has been really nice. I was also hoping it would inspire them to try some new foods, but not so much yet. I've also found them playing with the play kitchen more often, and timing each other to cook things. I'm planning a night when Chris is staying late at the dorm to have a "Master Chef" night and do a little competition with them to make dinner. We'll see who can earn their apron!

spring break 2017 pt 2

The rest of spring break was more relaxed. Pie at Brennon and Tam's on Pi day, special play times with the Kochers who were visiting from CO, some water play with nice weather, and a special ice cream date with Reese. Unfortunately, we ended the week with the a stomach bug that landed me in the ER, and went through the family through the next week. Lots of memories though!

Friday, April 14, 2017

spring break 2017 pt 1

We wanted Spring Break to be low key, but take advantage of the kids being out of school to see family and do some special things. The first day we took a day trip to the farm to celebrate Uncle Ken's 70th birthday. The kids got to do some of their favorite things like playing with puppies, jumping on hay bales, and playing a game that they made up with their cousins called "chicken rodeo," which is essentially chasing the chickens back into the coop. Even Uncle Ken got up on the hay bales at 70 years young! We were also able to see all the damage the wildfires did around Buffalo. It was amazing and scary to see how close it got to the farm. It still smelled smoky even though it had been over a week.

We then took a quick trip to Dallas. We stayed with Aunt Elaine and loved our time with her. We took Elle to the American Girl store as an early birthday present. Then in the afternoon we went to the Dallas arboritum. We spent all our time in the Children's Garden. It's such a beautiful place, and I love to go back to see the rest of the garden. The next day we spent the morning at Legoland and then headed home in the afternoon. The kids are all into legos so it was perfect for them right now. Todd loves Ninjago and the playplace was perfect for him. They had a couple or rides, one which all of us could ride. Reese could have spent all day going down the duplo slide. Other activities included a 4d movie, Star Wars lego room, lots of lego building stations, and lego cars for the bigger kids to drive. While more expensive than I would have liked we got a good experience.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

elle turns 8!

Oh, Elle! How can you be eight?! This year has been a whirlwind. You have become such a kid. You are so independent now. We put a desk in your new room, and you seem so much bigger all of a sudden as you do your crafts, writing, or homework. You've spent most of the last year losing teeth, and driving us crazy with your ever changing tastes and preferences. You currently love origami, reading, American Girl things, Tsum Tsums, and legos. You outgrew your little bike and Daddy took you shopping for a new one. The fact that you picked the one that says mischief is funny, and yet somewhat true. You have continued to do gymnastics, but will start softball in June. You have been very supportive and helpful as we prepare for your baby brother. You are excited for him to get here and love to keep up with what size vegetable his growth can be compared to each month. You take care of, and get along well with Todd and Reese... most of the time. You definitely play more with Todd, but Reese has gotten big enough for you two to do a lot of girl things together. You have been working hard and rocking 2nd grade. You have developed a little bit of a competitive spirt when doing your timed math facts at school. You've mastered all the addition, and have started working on subtraction. You are still working your way through Hank the Cowdog with your daddy, and Todd has gotten big enough to start really following along too. We've been reading the American Girl books, and have read all of Kit, and almost the first book of Maryellen. You have lots of questions about the history and time periods for these girls. To help you and your siblings prepare for Sunday morning worship, we've been singing through the songs in the bulletin. You've enjoyed getting the song book out and looking up the songs. We go for the monthly Lego Builds at the Lego Store, and you have a enjoyed to doing this. It's been a good year learning about and doing activities with American Heritage Girls. You'll earn your first badges in May. You have enjoyed the campouts the most, but look who your Daddy is! It seems like we are entering a fun and new phase with you as you've matured. I pray we can give you the support and parenting you need as you're becoming the big kid. I look forward to spending time with you this next year exploring new things. We love you so much elle-m-n-o-p!