Saturday, July 9, 2016

memphis 2016

We had the weekend open between Chris' conference and mine so we took the kids to Memphis. We hadn't been there since Todd was six months old. We drove over Friday afternoon, and really only had time to check into the hotel and then do something quick. We wanted to squeeze in as much as possible. We had never been inside the pyramid while we lived there. We found out that they had the Bass Pro there now, which has several live fish displays and alligators, and decided that would be cheap entertainment. The kids loved it!

The next morning we ran to the zoo before it got hot and our other plans. They had added a new hippo camp, and the kids were really into it since they are obsessed with Lion Guard. We love the Memphis Zoo all around! We hit the main exhibits, and things we don't have at our zoo. I couldn't believe the picture that one of my students made when I taught her in Kindergarten was still there. Very faded, but still there! Once it got too hot we took a quick wade in the Nile.

After the zoo we met the Lewises at Huey's. Loved seeing them and getting to go to a local place to eat. At the end of the meal you of course must shoot your toothpick in the ceiling!

We went back to the hotel for a swim in the pool, and that evening took in a Redbirds game. I really love that stadium, especially after the sun went down and it cooled off a bit. The bigs scored a free hat. That night they had a fireworks show, which was oddly a tribute to Prince. The fireworks were great, some of the best I'd ever seen, but Todd fussed the whole way through like we were torturing him.

Sunday morning we got to go to the White Station church and had the lunch with the Blands. It was wonderful to visit with them again. This was the only shot we got that day. We must make a trip back there again, but much sooner. Except not during the Muggy! I forgot how humid it could be! Did we ever go outside during the summer while we lived there?

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