Saturday, July 30, 2016

colorado 2016

First thing first, we sold the Waco house on our way out of the state.

Then we hit the road for Colorado.

Some of the kids favorite activities were digging in the dirt, driving the jeep, playing on their beds behind the curtains in the cabin, and climbing kid mountain. Elle was so proud of herself for getting to the "princess chair" by herself. That's the part of the mountain that Aunt Elaine would play on when she was a little girl. Todd was so brave and went all the way to the top by himself. Reese got some time to drive the jeep this year too. She'll be ready to go next year.

We took the kids up to the top of the reservoir and to the flumes to show them what their Great-Grandad helped design, and the reason we get to enjoy the cabin each year.

We went on a couple of little hikes. We've got to condition them so nothing too long.

We celebrated the 4th with the annual parade. This year Chris, Elle and Todd rode on the fire truck. They loved getting all the candy too! Chris also got a chance to preach at church on Sunday. He did a wonderful job!

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