Saturday, May 28, 2016

kicking off summer 2016

We started off summer with the girls having checks ups. Everyone was healthy, and no shots this time so we celebrated with an icee thing from on cue. Then I really needed to get some books from OC's library. Turned out to be a great first outing for summer. OC has a children's literature collection, which they keep on the third floor. We've been a few times and the kids really enjoy it. There's a couple of bean bags, and quotes from different books on the walls. They have a lot of older books, which makes for a change from the Metro library. We ended up checking out a few, and will probably be a regular place to visit this summer.






Tuesday, May 17, 2016

jungle book @ myriad gardens

Last Friday we met our friends the Kochers at the Myriad Gardens. We love having them here and have missed them terribly! The Gardens' spring fundraiser usually transforms the children's garden into a theme, and this years' is Jungle Book. They always do a fabulous job with the activities and decorations. The kids had a blast! So worth getting a membership every year. Sweet memories with sweet friends!









Monday, May 16, 2016

God's shine

The other day in the car we were driving, and Todd saw the sun.

He asked if that was God's shine.

At the time we were also listening to TJ McCloud's Let the Little Children Come. A very fitting song for the moment. We were driving to go see Grandad in the hospital, and we had just read about our friends Matt and Angela's update on their blog about baby Joy. So many of our family and friends have taken hits recently. It was a very emotional moment to be present in Todd's wonderment of God. I just really wanted to document this moment with him.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This year was a little different with Chris' dad still in the hospital so soon after his surgery. We had a nice lunch with Chris' mom, sister, and our nephew. Chris contributed to my fiesta collection. The kids had sweet cards and homemade gifts. Elle lost a tooth when she and Todd and Weston were playing too rambunctiously upstairs. Makes her look so much older. 


Today I attended Elle's Mother's Day tea at school. Her love language is quality time so it's something I can't miss. It's great having a little special time with her, especially since she's so big!


Some thoughts and feelings were rolling around all weekend. A Facebook friend summed them up perfectly. She posted, "For those with hurting hearts today, I am thinking about you....friends who yearn for babies, friends who've lost babies, friends who've lost mamas.... And for the birth mothers today, you are my heroes!"

looping through songs

I was listening to someone talk about how kids who don't come every week have a hard time really understanding when you say "last week we talked about..." In the curriculum we use for our nursery-preschool every lesson generally has a short song. Songs are great memorization tools, so I decided one great way to help those kids pick up on what we talked about previously, and reinforce the lessons for the kids who were there, was to loop back to all the songs from each lesson. I bought small chart paper tablets and my intern and another volunteer began writing up the songs. Now teachers can quickly flip through each song.