Tuesday, May 5, 2015

reese @ 10 and 11 months

As par for the course I'm behind on monthly updates. The last two months with Reese have flown though. I can't believe we're creeping up on her first birthday. I may be an emotional mess soon!

10 months:

We finally started getting out more, and the library is one of the kids' favorite places to go. Reese's favorite activity is pulling all the books off the shelf into a big pile.

By this month she had decided she was done with baby food if someone else was going to feed her. I discovered that if I put the food on her tray and let her think it's her idea to eat she would do better. However, she quickly got to playing in it.
Her new favorite spot to play!

And she's such a big helper with the dishwasher!

We got out the swing and Reese loved it! She quickly discovered how much she enjoys the outdoors and wants to be swinging or sitting outside most of the time.

Since it was still cold on the days she couldn't go outside she would sit here at the backdoor and watch for Mops.

Quickly becoming a dog lover!

And she had her first tornado this month, and taking shelter in the basement at church.

11 months:

By this month she had her second tooth on the bottom. She loves pushing cars around on the floor (really anything), and making noises while she does it. Can you tell she hangs out with her big brother a lot of the time? She's also started pulling up to her knees

For this month's monthly pic, we've had a more difficult time getting it done. Between busy schedules, and the rainy days providing little light I had a hard time getting it done on time. Here's the first round, and Reese really wasn't in the mood either.
And here's the second round, already see big differences!:

She went to her first Daddy Daughter Date Night at Mayfair!

She enjoyed eating outside for Elle's birthday.

A big milestone this month was her first Easter! She went on the first egg hunts for our neighborhood hunt, and at my cousin Jeff's house.

Sunday morning she checked out her loot from the Easter bunny, and had her first egg hunt at Mayfair!

Reese also got to spend time with more of her buddies that are close to her age.

She's also continuing to go to work with  me and enjoys crawling around everywhere and getting into everything! I'm pretty sure she thinks this is the church's dog.

Love you baby girl!