Tuesday, February 24, 2015

reese @ 9 months

Reesey Piecey Peanut Butter Cup is 9 months old! She's moving all over the place now! She loves getting under chairs and moving them around. Her biggest accomplishment this month is starting to crawl, but she also took her first plane ride, started working on her two bottom front teeth, self feeding, and I think she even waved and said bye-bye once, but it hasn't happened since. Her favorite foods are cheerios, bananas, and veggie straws. Reese also can use a cup or drink from a straw pretty well. Her new thing is to take a drink and then go "ah!" I don't know where she got that, but it's pretty funny! She loves playing with Elle and Todd, but they are now having to learn that Reese can move fast and be in the middle of something they're doing quickly. Reese is getting better in the car so we've started venturing out more when it's just the two littles. Our current Monday schedule includes an exercise class and playtime at MRCC and then the library for new books or a music class. Her cousin Clayton is so sweet to Reese when they are together and I can't wait to see what those two get into together! They already have a special bond being third babies born on the 18th so I'm praying they continue to be close for a long time. Reese still loves her baths and you can't even walk by the bathroom without her flipping out and wanting to go in to get in her bathtub. And she's suddenly shot out of her 9 month clothes and is wearing 12 month duds! Her photo session this month pretty much sums Reese up right now, on the move or wanting to chomp on something!

Eating at the delicious Tupelo Honey Cafe in Chattanooga!

She still loves the phone and even managed to take her first selfie!

Friday, February 6, 2015

reese @ 8 months

Reese weighs 15 pounds at 8 months. She's growing out of the 9 months clothes fast because she's getting long. It was a special month because she had her first Christmas! It was such sweet memory making, except for all the parts where someone was sick. She's started getting up on all fours this month and rocking back and forth, but not crawling just yet. She can pull herself up onto her knees if holding onto something. Reese rode in the shopping cart seat for the first time this month and now is the best one to go shopping with. She loves riding around and looking at everything like a big girl! We had her baby dedication at church. It was so special to publicly say as a family that we are going to raise her to know God, and then to have our church family say that they'll support us in doing that. With some warm days this month she's really enjoyed sitting outside and exploring new textures like the sand, grass, and dirt. One quirky thing about her is that she now needs to be swaddled at night. She never had to be as a newborn, and usually by 6 months babies are done with that, but she really cannot sleep well without that extra snugness.  Reese has also developed a habit of only keeping one sock on at a time. She is really a daddy's girl! She must have him hold her the minute second she sees him come home. It's very sweet to watch how much she loves him!