Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reese @ 15 months

Miss Reese! Since she turned a year old she has changed so much! She started saying a lot of words, especially things that start with B. Ball, bubbles, bye-bye, Bop (Mops), bup (cup), hi, hello, bubba just to name a few. She's so cute when she plays phone and says, "hello!" Reese quickly found out that summer is going to be her season. She fell in love with splash pads and swimming. Her hair started growing like crazy so she started wearing bows with sister. She took her first trip to New Mexico, Colorado, and the cabin. Her biggest accomplishment was learning to walk at 14 months, and she hasn't stopped since. She also got several new teeth. Reese loved having Elle home this summer, and going on lots of adventures. She continues to love outside, and doesn't mind all these hot summer days, especially if someone leaves the water table or sand box out. Her brother and sister have kept entertained and she loves spending any time she can get with them. Reese also had her first experience at Sonshine School during the summer session. She has become much more of a toddler than a baby over the summer. She is such a big ball of fun in a little package!