Tuesday, June 16, 2015

our (very) little mermaid's 1st birthday

Reese loves the water! She has loved her bath since the very first time. She loves to splash and kick and get everything soaked. She also likes playing with Elle's Little People princesses and castle. With her birthday being in May, and her loves of water and princesses we came up with a (very) Little Mermaid swimming party. I found a cute picture on pinterest making a smash cake with the little people princess. Elle already had lots of Little Mermaid toys that we used as decorations, and she even had some ocean art projects from school that we used. With the crazy amounts of rain and sudden cold day we did have to go to plan B, which was a sprinkler, sand box, water table, and the trike wash from church in the front. The kids played a lot longer than I thought they would for it being so cold. Reese had a wonderful time, until it got too close to nap time. For lunch we had "seaweed" turkey wraps, sea salt veggie straws, watermelon, and shells and cheese. They also had been selling Little Debbie jelly fish cookies and coral brownies so we got some of those to add to our theme. We are so thankful to everyone who came from near and far to help us celebrate our precious water bug!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Reese @ 12 months

1 year old! How can this be? Reese changed so much from 11 to 12 months. She is constantly on the go. For her monthly photo I couldn't even get her to sit in the basket. She plays with cars as good as big brother Todd. In fact she ended up with some princess wheelies and they are some of her favorite toys right now. She spends a lot of time snuggling Mops, and has to get in a good snuggle before bed at night on the couch. She loves playing peek-a-boo and will cover her eyes. Reese figured out she could make bubbles with her spit and will spend several minutes doing it over and over, popping them and humming. She started pulling up on the furniture. She's so smart! After we went to the doctor's office she found the toy stethoscope and put it around her neck. Her first word was uh-oh! and says it a lot. She has been such a joy to our family over the last year. She fits right in and we couldn't imagine our family without her! God has blessed us tremendously! She continues to surprise us with how fast she is at getting up the stairs, playing right along with big kids, the number of things she can eat with two teeth, how quiet and loud she can be at the same time, and how she adores the water and being outside. Love you honey bear!

At Reese's 12 month well-visit she weighed 16 lbs 15 oz (11%), was 28 1/2 in long (26%), and her head was 43 1/2 cm (15%).

For her 1st birthday we wanted to do something fun as a nuclear family. We took her to Chick-fil-a, and then Build-a-Bear. We took Elle for her 1st birthday too. Elle and Todd helped pick out a bear, and stuffed it. They both got to pick a heart and make a wish for Reese to put inside her bear. She was excited about all the stuffed animals and is a good cuddler. Todd and Elle picked out a name for Reese's bear. Hearty Zone Shrock joined our family that day.