Monday, September 29, 2014

Reese @ 4 months

Sorry this is late, but I wanted to wait until Reese had her check up so I could post her stats, and her appointment wasn't until today. At 4 months she weighs 12 lbs 11 oz and is in the 12% for her weight. She is 24 in long and in the 19% for height. Head is 40 cm (23%). This month Reese started rolling from her belly to her back, and can hold her head up really well when on her tummy. However, you have to look fast because pretty much as soon as you put her on her tummy she rolls over. She started laughing and grabbing things. Reese started getting too big for her little bunny rocker because she started scooting herself out of it so she only sits in it to sleep and briefly while attended.  Two days a week she goes to work with me, and keeps busy. The other days, when Elle's at school, she hangs out with Todd. I'm trying to soak up these days with Todd, who's now in charge at home, and with the two littlest.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

father/son campout 2014

Chris and Todd went on Mayfair's Father/Son Campout last weekend. This year it was at Arcadia Lake. They began the evening at a pavilion we rented. Since Arcadia is not a state park you have to buy parking passes, so we ended up getting a party package to get some passes and save some money. The dads and sons were meeting at the pavilion to eat, play, and do some activities. Then those that wanted to could reserve a campsite and spend the night. Chris and Todd were the only ones that braved spending the night. Unfortunately, Todd hadn't had a nap that day, and the kids played so hard that he fell asleep before Chris got the tent up. Todd woke up during the night and was a little freaked out so Chris got him up, walked him around a little outside to show him the tent, and then he went back to bed. Apparently, when he woke up in the morning he thought it was pretty cool to be in the tent. Think they will definitely be doing more camping in the future!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

abilene 2014

We went to Abilene for the last few days to attend the ACU lectures. There were a few people Chris wanted to hear and meet up with, and I wanted to attend the children's ministry sessions. The kids got to meet TJ McCloud, to whom they love listening. Chris showed us his house that he lived in when he was a kid, and several other places he had memories of.

We wanted to check out some fun places with the kids between sessions. We went to the Abilene zoo, and Elle fed the giraffes some bread. I was surprised she got so close. Todd was terrified, and of the peacock too. He kept yelling at it saying, "go away mr. -ea-ock!" It's a little zoo, but it was really fun!

The next day we grabbed lunch and took it to the Children's Storybook Garden that had these neat statues of Dr. Suess characters. The kids loved it!

Even though it ended up being rough with Reese on the way home, the trip was successful. I loved the sessions I attended.  I met several other children's ministers, learned a couple new songs, and got lots of ideas and resources to bring back. Several sessions focused on the same topic of intergenerational church. Some questions that we discussed were: Are we connecting children to God? Are we ministering to, for, or with children? Are we listening to what children are saying to us at church?

And a picture of Reese at the hotel to prove she was there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

elle and todd september 2014

Elle has now been in Kindergarten for 4 weeks. It's been an adjustment for all of us, but she has quickly become a pro. She has already learned so much and we are not surprised. She talks A LOT when she gets home, and seems to enjoy herself. She's reading sight words, and loves having a job each week. Getting enough sleep is probably the hardest thing for all of us to accomplish. She has quickly become friends with several kids in her class, which makes this introvert momma very happy. She has become so grown up all of a sudden! Reese's face lights up when we pick Elle up. Elle is very smitten with Reese, talking to her, loving on her and making sure she's happy. They have become good roommates. Elle has taken to writing all the time! Any scrap of paper laying around becomes hers to write words, names, letters, and draw pictures on. Maybe she'll have her own blog soon!

This boy! Recently I walked in to find him with both palms in a stamp pad and he held them up and grinned so proud! Not a single piece of paper was in sight so I don't know what he was planning on doing with them. He was having some trouble with getting his diaper changed so we just jumped into potty training. He's done great so far when we're at home. The only trouble is, he is so used to summer that he thinks that you should always be able to go outside to potty. Todd's vocabulary is getting so much better, and he amazes me how much he's absorbed so quickly. He's still got the Donald Duck effect going on if he speaks to fast. He's into trucks, tools, and trains for the most part. His favorite part of living in the house is seeing the garbage and recycling trucks come. He's having a slow adjustment to going to Sonshine School by himself, although once we get there he walks right in and doesn't even say bye! He has taken on the role of holding Elle's sign up when we go pick her up. He looks like a limo driver, and holds it up proudly everyday. He is very observant of what Reese is doing and will tell us to be quiet if she's sleeping. He's become quite the "reader" and I will find him reading to himself a lot.

They are both so sweet to each other most of the time. If we're somewhere with one, such as the library or store, they will want to get something for the other one. The other day we were waiting on Elle after school and Todd was looking at his book orders. He showed me all the books he wanted to get Elle. If one gets a snack they usually get one for the other person. I pray this thoughtfulness sticks with them and that when Reese is bigger she sees the great examples they've become to each other.