Friday, July 18, 2014

elle july 2014

Elle is our big helper! She's a sweet big sister to Todd and Reese. She's good at grabbing diapers, letting us know when Reese spits up, calming Reese down, playing with Todd, and loving on them. We can't keep her out of the pool, but still needs her floaty ring to feel confident. She loves to ride down the big hills on her bike and go fast! She's exerting a lot more independence, and showing us she's really ready for big school. For example, walking herself to Bible class. Her last days at Sonshine School are drawing near, and I can't believe Kindergarten is coming next month. I've been thinking about my days as a Kindergarten teacher and I remember how little they all seemed, but I look at Elle and think she looks so big since our days cuddling in her nursery in the Huaco house. She prays for her family, friends, and cousins constantly. She's becoming more like her Daddy in so many ways. She loves her books, and will even "read" to Todd a lot.

todd july 2014

Todd has had to make some adjustments in the last month or so with a new baby in town, but you can tell since reaching his half birthday he's reached new milestones also. Naps have sometimes been just wherever I can get him to lay down. He is really into reading lately. He's very independent, which means some battles every now and then. This has been a little more difficult on him as we've had to set some boundaries, and timeout has been a more popular place recently. He's tripled his vocabulary, but because he doesn't enunciate as well still he's almost gotten harder to understand. A lot of the times though what comes out of his mouth is hilarious! He's started calling Mops "Mopsy-girl" even in his prayers, which is really cute. I even found myself dreaming about Todd and woke myself because I was laughing at something he said. He's still as sweet as ever!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

sibling bonds

Elle and Todd have had to stick together more these days. They've gotten closer as we've been adjusting to Reese's arrival, and I really admire their friendship. Some mornings I'll find them in Elle's bed reading together. If one's awake they want the other to be up with them. They play together pretty much all day if they are together. Sometimes Todd will even go to Elle for comforting if he gets hurt or in trouble. Don't get me wrong they still have sibling squabbles, but overall they have amazed me how well they get along. It's so sweet to see the bonds they're forming now and already consider Reese to be in their special circle. I pray that they continue to always be so close.