Saturday, May 17, 2014

todd lately

Toddy, Toddy, Toddy! He is at such a fun age! He wants to get every second he can out of life. He's too cute for his own good sometimes. He's incredibly sweet, adores his sister, can't get enough sports, and loves to sing and dance. He's not too little to do anything so he thinks! He loves going to school and walks right in ready for the day. He's very verbal, but he's got his own language, which is pretty much caveman/- the first consonant of every word. But it just adds to his charm! He likes to say his prayers, but you might sit there awhile because he likes to thank God for everything. We could probably learn a lesson there. He loves doing gymnastics and soccer. He got his first big boy haircut last month and he looks so much more like a big boy. He talks about the new baby a lot, and I know he doesn't really understand what's about to happen, but I know he will be a great big brother. I just love him so much!

Friday, May 16, 2014

elle is 5!

I can't believe Elle turned 5 in March! She just finished her last day of Pre-K and it just doesn't seem possible that time is moving this quickly. She has learned so much this year! She loves reading and has begun adding numbers. She loves to write and draw. Her favorites of late are the Tinkerbell dolls, movies, and now chapter books. We have been breezing through the chapter books because she wants to read them all the time. Elle has become really good at her gymnastics and absolutely loves soccer. She's enjoying it even more now that her friends Olivia and Alohi have joined her class. She's a great big sister and plays really well with Todd. They have such a special bond. If he's upset he will choose her for comfort a lot of times. She's very sweet and lets him take a nap in her bed, and a lot of mornings I find them reading together in bed. She prays all the time for the new baby that it will be "safe and healthy". She wants a sister, but I know no matter what she'll be a great big, big sister.

For her birthday this year she wanted a My Little Pony party. She'd been talking about it for quite a while. She was really excited to have everyone over to her new house so we decided to have it at home. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather! We had stations for each pony: Shutterfly's animal care taking with Elle's vet kit and beanie babies; Rarity's Boutique where kids could color; Twilight's Library in Elle's tree tent that worked perfectly; Apple Jack's Apple Bobbing, Rainbow Dash's  Race where the kids could win cutie marks and Pinkie Pie party blowers, Rarity and Spike's gem hunt in the sandbox, and Pinkie Pie's Sugar Cube Corner with cupcakes for each pony, Twizzlers (Elle's favorite), "Horse Oat" no bake cookies, carrots, and apples. Elle had a blast and was so happy to have so many of her friends and family around her!