Saturday, January 18, 2014

todd, the next piano prodigy?

During our stay at Chris' parents for the holidays Todd discovered the piano. We could not keep him away from it! He would go find it by himself, climb up, and play away! He even insisted on having a song book. Maybe once we're in the new house we can arrange to get the piano for him, and he can entertain others with his music.

Friday, January 3, 2014

elle may 2013-january 2014

I wanted to catch up on what Elle has been doing since the last monthly update. She has changed so much, but it's especially noticeable as I was going back through pictures. This girl! So full of drama, but so much fun too. We love her so much it's crazy! She's still teaching us tons about how to be parents and it's a constant adventure. Elle loves her friends and family, and talks and prays about them often. We have worked on getting her to be confident in saying her prayers. She's pretty lovable when she does it, and you can't help but want to smile and cry at the same time. She loves her brother so much! I catch her saying "okay, baby?" to him when they're playing together, and I melt. They definitely have their sibling squabbles, but for the most part she's very sweet to him. And protective! She has really enjoyed Todd being at Sonshine School with her. She's doing really well in gymnastics, and recently started playing soccer. She lights up when she gets on the field. Her favorite things are doing crafts, My Little Ponies, the color pink, and watching TV or movies. She is so smart, and loves to write her letters and read. She likes to tell knock-knock jokes, and to make people smile. She's really excited about the new baby, and of course wants it to be a girl. She has decided to name it Fifi, and that she will share a room with it and Todd in our new house. She talks about it a lot, and is very concerned when she thinks I'm doing something that might hurt it. The other day she wouldn't let me jog inside to soccer when we were late because she was afraid the baby would fall out and get smashed. She cracks me up sometimes with the things she can come up!

Elle May-December 2013