Sunday, December 29, 2013

todd's 2nd birthday party

Todd's party this year was a tricycle theme because that's what he loves to do! The only day we could reschedule was to the same morning we had Christmas program practice. It actually ended up working out really well, except it was a little wild and crazy. The kids had a blast though so that's what's important!

All the kids were invited to bring a riding toy, and we set up a road inside the family center at Mayfair. It was complete with a drive-thru, drive-in movie, decoration station, gas station, auto shop, rest stop, car wash, and a home station to play with cars. Todd's cupcakes were supposed to look like a vintage tricycle wheel with an oreo and red 2 in the middle. We also had Todd's favorite cookies and some "bicycle rods and spokes" using skewers and fruit. We were so blessed to have so many people join us, especially those who came from far away, to celebrate Todd, and we truly appreciate their generosity with so many gifts!

Here's some of the fun we had:

Saturday, December 28, 2013

todd is 2!

We were scheduled to have Todd's party on his birthday, but because of the snow storm we had to reschedule. We did presents and birthday pancakes in the morning. Elle was a big help getting him to open presents.

You can tell how impressed Mops was with everything.

Daddy made a special present for Todd to work on with this tools.
We couldn't just sit around another day so we decided to take the kids to Chickfila and to get our Christmas tree. The roads weren't terrible so we were able to get around ok, with Chris at the wheel. (We also closely followed the OU/OSU game while we were out!) Todd ended up falling asleep after lunch so I sat in the car with him while Chris and Elle picked out and cut down the Christmas tree this year. We finished the day by decorating the tree while watching the Baylor/Texas game. And then of course it was an even more of a celebratory day as our Bears became the Big 12 champs!

todd december 2013

Todd turned two on December 7th! I haven't been able to blog about his monthly updates, so I'll try and catch up from May (the last time I updated, yikes!). It's so hard to know what to start with, and there's so much about him that can't be summed up. He's. He's so incredibly sweet and loving, busy and adventurous, thoughtful and smart! Todd has learned to say several things, but it really wasn't until the last couple of weeks that he's really been talking. For the most part it was Elle or Momma, ball, or beep beep honk honk! Lately he's really been putting words together to make sentences. Chris was not too happy when Todd was saying Donald Duck more than Daddy, but now he's got his name down too. He loves balls, wheels, puzzles, tools, and watching Mickey and Thomas. He is such a sweet boy and really good natured…most of the time. He absolutely adores Elle, and is usually doing what she wants to do. Poor little brother! He's been found in princess shoes many times, but is also working with tools at the same time so Chris says not to worry. He loves his gymnastics and soccer practice, and of course still loves his tricycle. He likes music and dancing! I know there's so much more! It's hard to believe it's been two years since we rushed to the hospital! We have been incredibly blessed by God to have him as our little boy!

Here's a review of Todd from May-December: