Thursday, May 2, 2013

todd april/may 2013

At 16 months Todd is 2' and 7.75'' tall and weighs 22 lb and 7 oz. The last two months have been so fun with him. He's been running everywhere! He loves to eat Oreos and candy, so we've learned to hide the sweets. When he wants something he points at it and does this little smile/shrug/eye squint/laugh thing, which means "Don't you want to give it to me because I'm so cute?!" He thinks he's as big as Elle and wants to do everything she does. He loves her so much! He runs to her classroom when we  pick her up and he knows she needs her blanket and will take it to her (unless he wants her to chase him). He is really starting to try and say things, especially in the last week. He'll tell you a whole bunch of stuff, but it's still babbling. He's into making funny faces, and sounds. His latest is a kissing sound. He also loves to wear shoes! If he finds socks or shoes he'll try and put them on. I couldn't believe the day he got both socks on correctly by himself. He's already way more mechanical and athletic than Elle.

The boy loves to cook, play in the water, and ride his tricycle!

He figured out how to take off his pants!

He got a hair cut by mom before Easter...

then again by dad the next week!

This series of pictures makes me laugh! He cracks me up, and makes me crazy sometimes too!
He's Mr. Independent! He must do the spoon, fork, bubble wand, etc. himself, and doesn't like to hold your hand to go up steps or walk.
He's an explorer and loves to play outside!

I just love this fox!