Thursday, March 28, 2013

mommy photo workshop

The Saturday before my surgery I attended a photography workshop by Megan DeShazo, but with everything going on I didn't get a chance to blog about it until now. I had been looking around for classes specifically for moms who wanted to know how to use their camera and take better pictures. I stumbled upon Megan's blog the week before the workshop and ended up fourth on the waiting list. This was about the time we had the last snow blow through so several people couldn't make it and others ahead of me couldn't go last, I got a spot! The first 3 hours was the workshop at her husband's office right behind Coffee Slingers on 10th & Broadway. Then we had lunch and headed to the Myriad Gardens where our kids met us to be our models. It was such a great workshop and Megan really knew her stuff! She was so patient with us and several different kinds of cameras. One of my favorite parts was her tips for photographing different ages of kids. You could tell she had a lot of experience. I highly recommend taking this workshop if you're a parent! I don't feel like a professional or anything, but I feel A LOT more comfortable with my camera. I'm supposed to take at least one photo a day and keep practicing. Below are a few of the many shots I took that day.
I took a lot of pictures of this cup while playing with my camera.

We practiced on these toys, but it didn't last long because it was freezing that morning!
I did the settings and had Chris take this photo.
Elle being silly like Minnie on her shirt!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

todd does a book review

Taking a page from Katie and Olivia, Todd would like to share his favorite books. We started collecting these when Elle was a baby. She loved them, and is still a fan, but lately they're mostly Todd's. He has recently discovered that he actually does like to read. This has been an ongoing battle. We were so used to have a reader because from early on Elle would sit and listen to books, books, and more books. Todd wasn't having any part of it until we pulled out the Matthew Van Fleet! We cycle through each of these every day, multiple times. He loves to touch the different textures and he has to be the one to do the flaps or pull tabs. He even knows the pages with the scratch and sniff and will sniff them then wave his hand to save "shooey". The Easter Bunny will be rounding out the collection with Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings because it will be just the thing for Todd. Todd would give these books a 10!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

elle and todd march 2013

I'm behind in posting this, but wanted to get it out there before I need to post for April. The kids are playing together better everyday. Elle is sweet to her brother and wants to take care of him. She likes to make him laugh and tries to baby-talk like him, which is  becoming a bad habit. She loves playing with her friends, and being outdoors. She has a reading obsession and must have books with her most of the time. We are working on keeping the blanket in the car, and are working toward keeping it at home all the time. She's actually been doing very well with this transition. She has expressions and tries to say things that seem much older than she is. As the time approaches for her 4th birthday it reminds me how quickly these years are going and I try to relish every moment with her.

Todd is a good helper and has quickly shown us he understands more words that he can say. He loves being outside, and getting dirty. He needs to be doing whatever Elle is doing and misses her when she's not around. He learned to kick the soccer ball, thanks to Daddy. He can move fast now that he has mastered walking and moved onto trying to run.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

martial arts playgroup

In November we started a playgroup at church for babies-preschoolers and their parents. I thought this would be something we could use as outreach and would be something families from our own congregation would enjoy. We've been doing one once a month and have been able to have someone from a group or organization do a presentation. I find a book to go with the theme and then the kids have playtime. So far we've had Tippy Toes Dance do a ballet class, a Christmas tea party with a tea party expert, and a librarian from the Metropolitan library. The last two were also members at our church, which was nice to involve them with the ministry. We've gotten a few community members to join us and the kids have had a lot of fun!

A week or so ago we had the February playgroup and Blake Graham from Martial Arts Ministries presented. I had found them through Elle's school. Blake is the dad of one of Elle's former classmates. He did a brief introduction about Martial Arts Ministries and then showed the kids some moves. He was so good with them. Elle wanted to sit back and watch and eventually Todd wandered over to check things out. We were especially lucky to get my cousin Emily and her daughter Hope to join us too! After Blake finished we read The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz, which is incredibly cute and so appropriate for this event. Then the kids had a good time playing with their friends!