Thursday, January 31, 2013

Todd's 1st year pics

These are some of my favorites from Todd's 1st year session. All of them are on our family shutterfly site. He just wasn't having it that day! Not one single smile! And he had to be bribed with goldfish most of the time. He's still handsome even with his serious face! One plus of the day was discovering how fun Martin Nature Park is! We want to go back and explore the trails, but the playground is really cool too!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

we've gone to the dogs

A few weekends ago we dog-sat Ms. Lori's (OSSM PR person) dog, Nick. Everyone, dogs and people, enjoyed having him visit. He's so fast compared to Mops that it was hard to get any shots of him!
We've also been busy building forts on cold nights. Dr. Sapariuc's son, Andre, has even joined us when his dad comes for tutoring time. Elle and Andre (Elsa and Audrey) couldn't get each other's names right, but they still had a blast together!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Todd's 1st Birthday

We started out Todd's special day with the traditional number pancake! He wasn't too sure, but once he started eating he figured it out. We were going to do his 1 year pictures that day, but the weather didn't cooperate so we had a pretty regular schedule besides opening some gifts. We did let Todd pick a place to go celebrate at and of course he chose Chick-fil-a! Aunt Karen and Uncle Wayne joined us since they weren't going to be able to attend Todd's party.
We had Todd's party in the Great Hall the next morning. We went with a Fox in Sock by Dr Seuss theme. I ordered these cake blocks (petit fours) from Johnnie's to go with the theme. So glad I did because they were delicious and I didn't have to make them! Nana and Aunt Casey made Knox Blox. We also had "poodles eating noodles" (pasta salad), tongue twisters (pretzels), drinks in a box, and "three cheese trees" (cheese cubes). If you read the book you'll understand!  
For activities, I put out all the different blocks we had, a twister game, a huge pile of different sized cardboard boxes, and stuff to make "blue goo". The boxes were the biggest hit with the kids. I think that area stayed busy the whole morning! 
We were so blessed by the number of people that came and showered Todd with gifts. I know he won't remember, but I know he had a blast because he was moving the whole time. We were so touched by the love that people showed for our little guy and for helping us celebrate his wonderful first year!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Todd @ 12 months

I need to go back and update on a few things that happened before the holidays. One of them was our sweet boy turning 1! Over the last couple of months he's taking more steps, and playing with Elle better. He'll eat most anything, but still has to do it himself. He's very skeptical of a spoon coming towards him. He went for his 12 m check up and weighed 20 lbs. He also stopped nursing in December, which was bittersweet for me. He has been able to stay at MDO for pretty much the whole day, and usually only wants me when he's having a rough day with teeth. At 13 months now he's had 3 new teeth pop through and is working on a fourth. He can ride the trike like nobody's business! He's turning into a Daddy's boy! He gets sad when Chris leaves, but super excited when he comes home. He can throw a ball pretty good, and loves to get into any cabinet he can find. I feel so incredibly blessed to have Todd. He has taught me more about God's love for all of us. He's such a joy to be around with his laid back personality and hearty chuckle. We've loved every minute of your first year Toddy!

(Hat and socks made by Urban Owl Knittery)

holidays 2012 pt 3

We cut our holiday trip short since we were all sick and Chris needed to return to work New Years Eve. Unfortunately, New Years this year was not very exciting since Elle was still getting sick NYE. We had Grammy, Grandad, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Kyle and Weston meet us at our house New Years Day for our third Christmas. After presents we did venture out to eat because I didn't feel like cooking and I wasn't sure what everyone would feel like eating. Kathy and Kyle picked TGI Fridays since they don't have one in North Carolina.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

holidays 2012 pt 2

We drove to the farm for the second part of Christmas. We had a lot more fun with family and little cousins, playing in the snow, and doing farm chores! That is until the plague hit fast and hard! In about 24 hours it had got 9 out 17 people who were there. Thankfully, Chris and I managed both kids and got us home before either of us felt bad. Here's a quick look at the second part of Christmas:

Our nephew and Todd were so active and so there was lots of playtime with Chris and his sister Kathy's old toys.

Mops also got a lot of love from Weston!

Elle finally got to play in some snow! Chris took her up on the hay bales to play like he used to do with his cousins. Todd couldn't resist joining them!
One thing about the farm that I love is all the wildlife you see each time. Because of the snow we didn't see much, but we found bunny tracks mixed with the peacock tracks. Elle had to have her puppy time too! 
Grandad took us out to feed cows. Elle wouldn't get out of the pickup!

We got to see a lot of family this year, which was nice because we didn't make it last year. Several members finally got to meet Todd, and Todd and I got to meet Tyler, the little boy of Chris' cousin Annie. Elle now enjoys naming all of her cousins and 2nd cousins.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

holidays 2012 pt 1

The blog was on hiatus for a while because I ran out of photo storage room on picasa. After some research I discovered I could use the URL from my shutterfly account to post pictures so we're up and running again. It takes longer to put pictures on a post so I probably won't post as many in the future. I recommend you check out our shutterfly share site and you can see more pictures than you ever wanted! Here's a quick look at Christmas 2012:

We've been using the whole floor for playtime!
We had our Christmas morning a day early so we could head to Tulsa. Elle loved her ponies especially this year and Todd couldn't wait to get on his big gift right away!
In Tulsa we had lots of fun cousin time and great visits with a lot of family! It was especially fun this year to see the kids playing together. We stayed a couple of days then headed to the farm and planned to come back to Tulsa later in the week to see more family.