Friday, August 10, 2012

meet up with the cousins

My sister, Michelle, brought her kids over for the day Thursday. We headed over to the Myriad Gardens and met up with our cousin Emily and her two girls. We ate lunch and splashed in the pool. I got about 50 pictures and somehow Hope wasn't in any of them. We loved playing in the water, but not that you have to pay to park during the day now! I did learn Todd didn't mind getting splashed in the face and he was having a lot more fun now that he can move around more. Elle was just enjoying running around with Esther, Derek, and Ruby. Poor Corey wasn't feeling too good, but still made friends with everyone there. Can't wait to do this again!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

todd @ 8 months

8 months! I can't believe it! And the past month has had so many milestones for Todd. He's into everything and is moving a lot more. He's started crawling and pulled up a few times.

He's moved on to some bigger toys. He's done with baby toys and usually wants what Elle has or to play in the TV cabinet.

His favorite ride is the wagon. He usually gets a nightly spin around the floor when Elle's trying to go to sleep or he's fussy. If he sees it he must be in it. But he also took a ride in this beauty at party.

He's eating so many fruits, vegetables, and snacks now. He loves table food and has worked so hard this month at picking up the food and getting it in his mouth! He also has his first tooth poking through so a quarter of a frozen waffle is a favorite lately!

Todd's becoming such a cute little guy! We love him so much and he is showing more and more of his personality. He even prefers Daddy a lot of the times now. He's such a blessing to our family!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

send us your photos!

Nicole Whaley, our good friend from HUGSR days, recently posted on facebook that her kids Ella and Noah were picking a picture off the fridge and praying for that person at dinner. I loved the idea and we implemented it immediately. Elle is more excited about praying now and loves picking someone to pray for. (Thanks, Nicole!) We are still trying to figure out a good system to rotate through the pictures so everyone gets a turn. Here's just a few of our pics, but we need more and some need updating! Send us any photo you want on our fridge and we'll be praying for you!

Friday, August 3, 2012

our yucky week

Last Friday, I had food poisoning. Then Mops wouldn't eat for 2 days this week and kept getting sick. She wouldn't even take peanut butter or a cheese stick! Thankfully, this morning she finally ate her food and kept it down because I didn't want to have to go to the vet. Why?  Because during the night last night Elle got sick twice, which we think was due to a peanut butter sandwich she had at a friend's house.This morning she slept in until 10 and then spent a while like this watching the Olympics.

To top last night off, because we were nice and let Mops sleep on the couch because she was feeling bad she left us a present in the bear cubs room. Which I found while trying to change sheets as stealthy as possible so Todd didn't wake up. Needless to say, he ended up waking up. This weekend better be a good one because I don't know how much more of this we can take!