Saturday, June 30, 2012

todd @ 6 months

Time is slipping away from me! Someone recently told me the days are long, but the moments are fleeting. This really rings true as I see Toddy changing daily. I'm trying to soak up every ounce of babyness I can because I know he'll be running after Elle soon.

His 6 month birthday was the same day we left for our trip, which is one reason I'm delayed in getting his stats up here. He is currently 18 lbs and 23.25 in!

He sits up by himself!

His first flight!

He loves looking at himself in the mirror!

He's gone to physical therapy a couple of times and is doing so well they'll probably discharge him after the next time. His flat head is a result of infant torticollis (tight neck muscles). We've been doing stretches at home that Ms. Ashley showed us and he's really improved on his range of motion. The flatness has improved itself as well.

Likes water, but not too cold!

He's been working on getting those toes in his mouth, which for a chunky guy it hasn't been easy!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

chris... a wonderful dad!

This father's day Chris started out having donuts and reading books with the kids at church for Donuts with Dad. Then he chose Chinese food for lunch and Mexican for dinner. Then we played in Bricktown for the rest of the evening. The kids love their Daddy! He's such a wonderful helper, supporter, playmate, teammate, friend, and gives so much of himself. He works so hard for all of us. And you've got to love a man who wears red socks and plays on the playground!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

tn/ky trip part 3: memphis

Our next stop was Memphis! We hadn't been back since I was pregnant with Elle so I really wanted to catch up with friends and show Elle where we lived. We stayed with the Blands, who are some of the greatest people you could ever meet. Dr. Bland was Chris' professor at HUGSR and Nancy got me my job at Oak. We worked together for 3 years. It was wonderful to see her with our kids and for then to get to know the Blands. We didn't get to spend much time with Dr. Bland because he was teaching a short course, but we also got to meet Nancy's grandkids who came along right after we left. Elle had the best time playing with Benson, Sloane, and Blake Leigh. I even got to catch up with another friend, Lindsay, that I taught with. Thank you Blands for hosting us!

We took the kids to the Memphis Zoo. Still one of my favorites! They had expanded since we had lived there so the Teton area was new to me and Chris as well. It was beautiful! The highlights of this zoo were seeing the polar and panda bears.

 I couldn't believe this sign was still there and just needed a pic. One of my kindergarten babies drew this 7 years ago when they were getting ready to open the Northwest Passage where the polar bears are.  I realized that class will be going into 7th grade this year! Wish I could have seen some of them, but I have no idea where they all are now. (Yes, Todd is knocked out!)

This zoo has an egyptian theme for the opening because there's also a Memphis in Egypt. They have a nice water area to play in so Elle and Chris waded around for a bit.

Next, we stopped by HUGSR. The mansion, grounds, and apartments still look the same! We got to see some old professors and neighbors. And, for you HUGSR folks I even got a glimpse of the Cec! So many memories came flooding back from our first 3 years. Elle like running around the grounds and we had to get a quick swing. We knocked on the door of our old apartment, but no one was home.

I fully expected to arrive in The Muggy when we got the Memphis, but we had great weather. Going back reminded me how much we need to make a regular visit. We didn't get nearly enough time to really look around. And, I steered clear from the Pottery Barn Outlet since we were flying. Hopefully, we can go back soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

tn/ky trip part 2: paducah

While we were in the neighborhood we decided to add a trip to Paducah to our friends Erin and Justin. I loved our time there! We had a blast and it reminded me how richly blessed we are with wonderful friends. We had great conversations, yummy food, beautiful weather (minus the storm/flat tire incident) and exciting adventures. Elle even started telling people she lived in Paducah once we were in Memphis. And I'm sure Erin is still finding Sesame Street stickers all over the place!

Erin and Justin have a wonderful house. We got some good porch swing, playing on the steps, and soccer time in too!

While we were there they had Bikes on Broadway, which is a major street downtown that they blocked off for a few hours for people to ride around. The kids crashed not long after we started, but then we could ride around longer. Think we need to get a bike trailer!

We also went to a cookout with their church friends. This game is called corn hole. You throw bags of corn through holes. You'll have to ask Chris if you want to know how to keep score. Elle had a good time with the kids, and feeding the fish in the pond.

 Saturday nights in the summer Paducah has Live on Broadway (the street from before). The street is blocked off so you can walk up and down to check out the river, live music, other performers, and the antique shops. Elle took advantage of the giant slide and the Hooked on Science table.

You also can check out Kentucky at it's finest! Oh, how I wish this picture showed Creepy Feather Earring Man from the front!

We took a little drive to the lake to play miniature golf and do a safari walk. I think Justin won, not sure now because we had to get out of there pretty quick because of a bad storm. We learned that Elle stays entertained through about 9 holes and then she was done.

 We got in a quick bike ride to the park too even though we had to play in the dark. It's weird going from about the latest spot in the central time zone to some of the earliest spots.

Wish we could have stayed longer! Miss you Lewises! Thanks for having us!