Saturday, March 24, 2012

i have a hypothesis

You have to say that just like Buddy from Dinosaur train. That's what I kept thinking about as I decided you didn't have to wait until Easter to dye eggs and then realizing my cage free brown eggs may not work. But here's how they turned out. The yellow and orange didn't really work, but since Elle decided it was more fun to dunk them in as many colors as possible it didn't matter. This was my first time trying glitter eggs and I think they're really pretty. I do have a hypothesis that you could probably make these without buying a kit and using clear gelatin. Maybe we'll test that one next year.

Monday, March 19, 2012

chris' big week

Chris was mentioned in the Edmond paper by one of our students who was chosen for academic all-state. Anna is one of the sweet girls on our floor and she is certainly deserving of this honor. To read what she said about Chris click here.

Chris and Dr. Manning, OSSM's president, were interviewed on a radio program called Senior World. It aired Sunday at 10:30, but you can listen to the program here. It's a great interview for hearing some history behind the school.

Chris also took several students over to OCU to compete in the district meet for National History Day. His students took home lots of medals and won the sweepstakes award for the most points. More students competed, but these were the only ones who didn't have a class or lab and could attend the awards ceremony.
I'm a proud wife and dorm momma!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

our dinner family

One of the perks of living at OSSM is eating in the cafeteria for free. It has it's pros and cons, but it has been a big help financially and since having Todd. Breakfast is usually fast so Chris and Elle grab something from the kitchen and then bring it back home. If we eat lunch in the Great Hall we usually sit at the "teacher" table with the other faculty. At dinner we have a regular table with the other dorm staff. This is usually where we sit on the weekends too. This school year we've had some changes to the staff and we had to request putting two tables together. We've got 4 kids living in the dorms now! You'd think we're missing out on something by not eating at home together, but we're not. We've developed a dinner family. It varies night to night depending who is on duty, but most nights it's the same people. We talk about our day or what's going on in each others lives and the kids play when their done eating. As much as I get tired of dorm food I still miss our dinners when OSSM is on break.

Todd doesn't always cooperate during meals.
Elle, Johnathan, and Mason playing on the iPad. The boys are so great to include her in their play even though they're 4 and 5 years older than she is.

Ron and Rebecca live in the new boys wing.

Elle and Charlie!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

last days of winter

You wouldn't believe it's still winter around here with our temps. We enjoyed a nice evening outside recently so everyone got to air out.

Todd hanging in the stroller.

Mops loves to explore this area of campus.

Elle and Chris played hide-and-seek in the trees.

Friday, March 9, 2012

todd @ 3 months, elle @ 35 months

Todd has started cooing and squealing more. He has also laughed a few times. He loves watching Elle and when she plays with him. He has discovered his hands and can be found intently watching them. We're not sure, but teeth may be in his near future too judging by the drool and the fact that he loves to chew on things. This week he's been picking up a few things and bringing them to his face. He's so sweet!

Elle likes to sing all the time now. Some of her standards are "On Top of Spaghetti", "Hungry Herbivore" (dinosaur train), and a song about shaking your tail. She's really into pretend and is usually chattering away about something in her own little world. She still surprises me with her vocabulary and how much she picks up on what we say. She's a constant reminder to us that we need to be good examples. She's likes to say the prayer before bed now (with a little help) and her bible is one of the books she likes to sleep with. In so many ways she's still my baby girl, but time is going so rapidly as we approach her 3rd birthday!

Aren't these two of the cutest kids ever?!

experiencing technical difficulties

My laptop has been on vacation, but I'll be posting again soon! The plug to my laptop quit working, which meant no power once the battery was drained. I guess after 5 years, 2 moves, thousands of trips to school, the library, etc. something was bound to quit working and I'm glad it was simple to fix. I ordered a replacement and now I'm trying to get caught up. I'll be back!