Tuesday, September 27, 2011

curiosity day

We had planned a curiosity day with little friends on Sept. 16th (H. A. Rey's birthday, the author of the Curious George books). But, thanks to a wonderful power outage at OSSM we had to cancel. I didn't get to reschedule, but thought I would share some of the stuff I had planned. Maybe next year!

*Curious George books
*making Curious George masks
*Curious George matching game
*Barrel of monkeys (if you have the yellow barrel with the red monkeys it goes great with this theme!)
*Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread
-I did end up making this once the power came back on. It got good reviews, but they could have just been being nice. Next time I think I'd like to add more pepperoni and cheese.
*Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Probably my favorite cookie now. I put in 2 cups of chocolate chips though.
*Jack Johnson tunes
*Plus red and yellow paper goods, monkey food, like bananas and oranges, and some Curious George toys

media literacy note: Please talk to your children about the fact that monkeys have tails. If your curious why George doesn't have one apparently it was a sign of the times (check out this article for more info). Most importantly, don't be those people at the zoo who embarrass themselves by calling the chimps or other apes monkeys. Here's a song I used in my classroom to teach students the difference so if you get confused just sing it to yourself:

Ape or monkey?
Ape or monkey?
Which is which?
Which is which?
Monkeys have a tail, monkeys have a tail,
Apes do not! Apes do not!
(sing to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

state fair

Elle and I visited the OK State Fair for the first time. We've been to the Tulsa State Fair, but hadn't experienced the one here. It's not a favorite place for Chris to go, and I hate big crowds so we went on Monday morning and tried to get there as soon as the buildings opened. It was a great time to go because we got a great parking space and there weren't any crowds to mess with. We were greatly disappointed in the lack of animals though. It was pretty empty in the barns. We found a few in one barn, the birthing center, and the Agtropolis. Elle's favorite was the baby chicks, but that could have been the fun walkway that made lots of noise. The sea lion show was cute and the wild west show at the centennial frontier area was neat, but Elle got bored with the rope tricks and started playing with the rocks. She did let me walk through the creative arts building, which is one of my favorite parts. We also got to watch some of the marching bands who were there for a contest, while we ate our corn dogs.

This is as close as she would get.

Checkin' out the CASE. Do you think Uncle Ken would like this one?

These were our fair books:

Dooby Dooby Moo is cute, if you like this series, but Elle doesn't get a lot of the jokes. County Fair is part of the My First Little House Books, which I love because I can start introducing one of my favorite series, but the stories are short enough she doesn't get bored.

Friday, September 23, 2011

horse'n around

We got a chance to go out and see Morian's horse and some other animal friends. Elle loves long as she doesn't have to stand too close. This time out she did touch one so we're making progress. Elle loved the chickens this time and would pet the tom cat Ranger. Guess we'll have to keep going and work up to getting Elle on the horse.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

leah's heart

Leah is the daughter of one of Chris' classmates in the Baylor philosophy program. She is 4 years old and just got a heart transplant after waiting for a year and half. You can find the link to her family's blog on the right side of my blog if you'd like to keep up with her progress. (She's doing amazing!) The cost of the transplant is around $500,000. Insurance will cover some, but the family will still incur costs. Leah has a page on the Children's Organ Transplant Association site, where you can read about her condition and/or make a donation. To visit that page click here. I ask that you at least add Leah, her family, and her physicians and nurses to your prayers. Thanks!

Here's a book that I like to use around Valentine's Day for a science unit on the heart.

Monday, September 19, 2011

what's the buzz around ossm?

Elle got into the dress up case and wanted to go out and show Chris while he was on dorm duty. Yes, she's just wearing the costume and panties. Thankfully, the kids all think she's cute and don't mind a little distraction during study time.

A really cute series on bugs includes this book:

have ye lubbers read this one?

Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day!"

Sheep on a Ship by Nancy Shaw

Friday, September 16, 2011

elle's been flipping out!

Today Elle went to gymnastics (or "misnastics" as she says) for the fourth time. (Would have blogged about this sooner, but I kept forgetting the camera! Pregnancy brain!) Her class is Friday mornings at 9:30 for about 45 minutes. We do a parent/tot class so I get my workout too! We start with warm-ups to some music and then break-up into the smaller classes. We go with Ms. Bridget to the pit first, which is filled with square foam and they practice jumping or flipping in and then climbing out. Then we go to a little obstacle course with a trampoline and to work on the new skill. Next is monkey bars and then a bigger obstacle course with slides, tunnels, balance beams to name a few. Then they play with hula-hoops, balls, ribbons, etc before the closing song. Then end with a "Ta-da!" and everyone gets a stamp. Elle has a blast! She's mastered her forward somersault and is getting better at the monkey bars.

This book we found at the library a while ago is perfect for prepping kids for taking gymnastics. There's also an Arthur episode that goes along with the book.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

peter pan

Wednesday night we got the privilege of attending the Peter Pan musical with the OSSM students. We decided to take Elle this time and she loved it! You might think we're crazy to take a toddler to the theater, but she did awesome.

To prep her I found this Golden book in my classroom stash. We also tried watching the Disney Peter Pan, but she wasn't into that as well as the Tinkerbell movies. (BTW- Elle says that Tinkerbell is wearing a green swimsuit.)

She rode the bus with Daddy and "the kids" and apparently was Tour Guide Barbie the whole way to the theater (I drove the car just in case we needed a quick exit). We had a really helpful theater worker tell us how long each half would be and where to get a booster seat. We picked up a snack, made a bathroom stop, and then found our seats. We were on the top balcony, which worried me a little that Elle wouldn't be able to see well enough to pay attention, but she didn't seem to mind. Having a snack, binoculars, her little Tinkerbell, and the program to play with helped. There was also a bar in front of our seats so she could stand up when she wanted to. Her favorite parts were Nana the dog, the crocodile, and the flying. I couldn't believe how well she did, and that she stayed awake the whole time. Thankfully, we didn't get home too late and she crashed as soon as she hit the pillow. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to take her to something like that. Thank you OSSM Foundation!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

first day of school

This summer Elle had to say goodbye to her beloved teacher Ms. Audrey

Yesterday she started school again for the Fall. She has two new teachers and a new room, but most of her friends are still in her class. She almost went in without her blanket, but after surveying what all was going on she decided to go back and get it. But no tears! And no accidents, which was a big worry. Elle loves this book given to her by Aunt Casey about first day jitters.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

powder fresh nap

Yesterday, Elle had an interesting nap time. After our pre-nap routine I had her lay down, but after a little bit I had to go back into her room because she kept talking. She was sitting up and had 4 or 5 books around her. I had her lay back down, but had to go in a few more times to remind her to be quiet and go to sleep. After an hour of trying to get her to sleep I noticed it had been quiet for a bit. I walk in and find Elle standing in her bed with her back to me, bent over and a faint "Momma!" squeaks out. As I get closer I notice the baby powder.

My first thoughts are of a story my mom has told on me as a toddler. She was on the phone one night and saw white puffs coming from the hall. Wondering what's going on she investigates and finds me standing in the hall with a bottle of baby powder having a good time.

I laugh, grab the camera, and then panic sets in because I have no idea how to clean this up. So, I call my mom. I was afraid to vacuum it up because I thought it would just puff out, but this tactic did work. Elle and her room smelled really nice the rest of the day, but there was no hope of a nap in her bed after that. Note to self: Elle can now reach the top of her bookshelf.

The book of the day:

P.S. She did nap about 45 minutes because I drove to the mall for a bit.

Monday, September 12, 2011

fuzzy friends

Saturdays around here are usually a test day, open weekend (meaning no tests, but other things may go on and students can stay), or extended weekends (once a month they have to go home). Chris is one of the lucky profs who have to have tests on Saturdays, and this past Saturday was one of those lucky times. So Elle and I decided to go to the zoo and take a toddler class. It's an hour long and includes a snack, craft, story, playtime, and animal encounters. The only bad thing is you have to pay, but members do get a discount. The theme for this class was "fuzzy friends" and there was lots of learning about animals with hair. We even saw one of her friends from Sonshine school!

They had pillow pals in a semi-circle for each student to sit on, which I thought was a cute and fun idea.

The got to touch some animal hair (zebra, kangaroo, and snow leopard).

Cute animal cups and fish crackers for snack.

Putting her wool on her sheep.

Petting Sylvester, the chinchilla

Then we watched him take a dirt bath.

At the end of class the teacher took us into the zoo to see more fuzzy friends.

This is the book that we read. It's been one of Elle's favorites for a long time. When she was a baby we started reading it to her, and she loved the rhyming and Daddy's fun voices for each animal helped too. A quick google search gets you tons of activities for this book. I found a cute activity from a blog called Listen & Learn. To find it click here.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

mops hates oklahoma

Okay, just her skin. Mops is dealing with a skin allergy. It happened last year about this time, but coincided with the fire alarm going off so we thought it was stress related. However, it came back and we headed to the vet. Turns out she also has an ear infection in both ears. Now Mops has to endured two pills a day, which are usually shoved down her throat since she gets them out of the treat. If someone gets eggs in the morning she can have some and her pill can be hidden in those since she inhales them. She also has to have ear drops once a day and a bath twice a week. The bath consists of a special shampoo that has to stay on for 15 minutes. Do you know how hard it is to keep a dog in the bathtub for 15 minutes? Needless to say there are bribes involved. But, Elle enjoys the wet puggy-pug madness that ensues afterwards and Mops is not as itchy, oily, or bumpy.

Here's a book about pugs that Elle loves.
It's about a pug who is called Unlovable. But he learns to ignore what the cat says after finding friendship with another pug on the other side of the fence.

Friday, September 9, 2011

the big bed

Last night Elle slept for the first time in her new big bed. She was so excited! She's very happy to give her baby bed to baby brother and put his new bedding in it for him. It was very bittersweet to tuck her into a new bed. It's one of the twin beds my sisters and I grew up with. We haven't gotten everything in their room arranged the way we want, and she'll need some new bedding, but here's Elle in her new bed.

Mops likes it too!

I found a great book at the library last weekend that we've been reading to get ready for the big night. Your Own BIG BED by Rita M. Bergstein, uses animal babies to tell show what happens when a little boy starts getting too big for his mommy's tummy and then his crib . It definitely has the elle-m-n-o-p seal of approval!

(media literacy note: The book calls the koala a bear, but it's really a marsupial.)