Thursday, April 28, 2011

things i've had to relearn since moving back to OK

We moved to OKC in August last year after having lived in Memphis, TN and Waco, TX for 6 years. Since moving back I've had to relearn some important lessons about OK.

1) the wind really does come sweeping down the plains
2) don't sit your drink on top of the car because it will get knocked off
3) I like cowboy boots
4) you have to check the weather before you travel in April due to tornado season
5) storm chasing is a legitimate occupation
6) you will eventually be on a first name basis with the meteorologist
7) did I mention the wind?
8) dirt is red
9) Will Rogers knew what he was talking about
10) before Sept. 11th there was April 19th
11) real Okies send their little kids running out into fields to stake claims on April 22nd
12) it really is home

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We've been trying to cut down on expenses so we're getting rid of our storage unit. Part of this process is purging a lot of stuff. This has made me realize you should take into consideration how much it will cost you to get rid of something before you get it. Anyway, I have a suitcase that my dad gave me that was my great-grandmother's, but it's been in storage because I didn't have something to use it for. But since it has to come out of storage it needs to be useful. So it is has been turned into Elle's "dress-up" case. It's now full of old costumes and other goodies and fits nicely under her bed.

Monday, April 4, 2011

media literacy monday: environmental print and ml

Since media literacy is a newer topic for schools there aren't a lot of scope and sequences available, which makes it difficult to incorporate in younger grades because the it is still relatively unclear what skills preschoolers should master. For example, one popular lesson with students is to discuss toy commercials and point out what is real or not. However, this is difficult for some preschoolers because to them Elmo is real. They may not understand that Elmo can't come to class or to their house because he's real on TV. One easy way to address ML with younger students is to think about what you already do. In preschool and Kindergarten pre-reading activities include environmental print. This is showing students logos from popular places and household items and having them practice identifying them. Logos are meant to be instantly recognized and were developed when most of the population was illiterate as a way for people to recognize brands they could trust.

You can make easy flashcards by using gift cards.

Here's a few logos to practice with:

The Hobby Lobby logo is for my nephew who always pretends that's where he's going shopping. (Can you guess where his mom shops?) Elle recognized "Mickey Mouse", she said "french fries" for McDonalds, she got "cheers" for Cheerios, and said "Elmo" for Sesame Street.