Wednesday, November 10, 2010

you can teach an old dog new tricks

As if school didn't run our lives enough, Mops is now going to obedience school. She has "alert/territorial aggression". She barks at anyone new and is pretty hostile. Morian recommend Full Circle Obedience School and we had a consultation. Mops and I go to class for an hour on Tuesday nights. Since Chris is working Morian graciously watches Elle. Mops is actually taking the puppy class because the instructor thought she might be too intimidated by the big dogs in the regular class. So far we've been to 3 classes and has learned a few new tricks. She has 4 other dogs in the class, the golden Daisy, the tan poodle/mop mix Peanut, the grey poodle Smoky, and the schnauzer Lily. It's scary how true the saying people look like their pets is. Mops was very nervous the first night when we started using the clickers, but she's doing much better. So far the tricks haven't been too difficult for her to pick up on since she already knew some of them. Last night we learned a trick of how to calm them down so I'm going to start taking her out among the students and do some deep massaging which is supposed to be calming. Elle loves helping Mops with her homework. She doesn't quite get that you are supposed hold the treat until Mops comes to you, but we'll keep working on it. The only part Mops doesn't like is that she now sleeps in the corner on her bed rather than ours and she is confined to the kitchen if we leave. This is supposed to help her realize she's not the alpha. I think we're learning just as much as Mops. Hopefully we're making Ceaser proud!