Monday, September 27, 2010

OSSM (ôsm) animals

This campus is pretty pet friendly. Mops is free to go most places (even to Chris' office!), which is nice since she had to give up her back yard and can only roam leash free when the students aren't going to be outside. But she's not warming up to the students like we wanted. She's most likely headed to obedience school soon.

Mops isn't the only animal with privileges. The assistant dorm supervisor who lives on the first floor boys has two huskies (don't remember their names right now). We've had one encounter with them and Mops and it wasn't pretty so we haven't been around them very much. They are gorgeous, but don't think they get out enough. Dr. Dodd has two westies that frequent campus and if you're an alum you'll probably remember Fred and Grady. Lori the PR person has two dogs, Chloe, a chocolate lab, and Nick, a pooshi (poodle-shih tzu mix). The librarian brings her sheepdog, Vladimir. He's very sweet, but we have to watch him around Elle because he likes to herd small things. The receptionist also brings her chihuahua, Itsy. Since the campus is so large several hawks, owls, bunnies, and other wild things can also be found hanging around.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Life

OK, I really am going to blog more often. The last few weeks have been really crazy though. I thought you might want to know a little bit about the daily life here at OSSM. The students generally get up and eat breakfast between 6:30 and 8:00 am. The juniors have to be out of the dorms by 8:00 and the seniors have to be out by 8:45. They are all usually in the MAC (Manning Academic Center), the library, or the science building throughout the day. Some students come back to the dorms for lunch or to switch books periodically. A lot of the kids don't get a formal lunch break because of their class schedules, especially now that foreign language classes have started, so the cafeteria sends over sack lunches and they eat in the student lounge. The seniors usually get out of school around 3:30 and the juniors get out around 4:00. Students have free time until 8:00 pm, which starts mandatory study time. But free time is limited because students have P.E. in the evenings one night a week, dinner is 5:30-6:30, and this week fine arts classes start. Some students are also put on early check-in (7:00 pm) if their grades are low. (Rumors are thanks to Chris many more students will be on this list.) All students have mandatory study time from 8:00-10:00 pm. They can study in the Great Hall, their common areas, or their rooms. If they're in their room they have to prop their doors. If they need to go to bed early they just have to tell someone. Then everyone has lights out at 11:00.

This is pretty much what most days are like. Some Saturdays students have tests so study time and lights out are the same. Some weekends are called "Open" weekends, which means they don't have tests. Some kids go home and some stay. They don't have study time Friday and Saturday night. There are van trips on these Saturdays and the kids get taken to Walmart or Bricktown, and one other place that escapes me now. They just have to have at least 4 people that want to go and have to sign up early. If kids go home they have to check in by Sunday night at 8. If the kids are there on the weekend they can also get transportation to church on Sundays. One weekend a month the students have to go home. They call this "Extended" weekend and classes are usually cancelled Mondays.

As for our family specifically... Chris is a state employee so he works 8-5. He usually has two classes a day. I still haven't figured out how often he has the same students. We usually all have lunch together at home. However, now that Elle is in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm studying somewhere and we don't see him until we get back to campus. I spend MWF unpacking, doing chores, and entertaining Elle and Mops mostly. We usually eat dinner in the cafeteria so that we can socialize with the kids. Chris has dorm duty Sunday nights from 3:30 to 11, if the kids are there, and Tuesday nights 5-11. On these evenings we try to hang out with him in the Great Hall until study time. All professors have to spend one night tutoring during study time so Chris lumps this in on Tuesday nights. We also have to have floor meetings periodically so we'll do this with our floor at 10:30 before everyone goes to bed.

This is our life so far!