Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fall party

Went to my first school dance Saturday night. I didn't know we really needed to be there, or that it was a big deal, or that I had to dress up until Saturday at 3 pm. If you've ever been the wife of a grad student you know what I'm talking about! After a quick run to the mall we went to International Night! The OSSM Parents Association (they use the acronym PAOSSM so I lovingly call them opossum) puts on several functions for the kids throughout the year, but this was the first for the semester. They decorated the great hall with flags and balloons and we had food from everywhere. My favorite was the Georgian bread! Still not sure why there was a whole table dedicated to Texas, but after living there you realize it kind of is like it's own country. A lot of the families attended and several of the students wore traditional outfits. Chris commented on the large number of parents that were there and how different it was from his days. After dinner some of the families left and the kids moved to the dance floor. All I can say is I don't know where you find out about some of the songs or dances, but they knew how to do them. We sat in the back and watched and let Elle run around until she got tired. We put here to bed and then took the baby monitor back out to the great hall to watch some more. Chris and I danced to one dance. We used our new knowledge from dance class to two-step to Boot Scootin' Boogie! At 10:35 the grown-ups ended the dance and everyone had to head back to their rooms for lights out at 11. It was a fun night! It was nice to visit with some parents and that the kids could let loose after their morning of one of Chris' tests and the ACT.

Friday, October 22, 2010

up to date

It's been really busy around here. I don't even know where to start. Chris is starting to get some time during his day to work on dissertation. It's definitely something we both have to work at. I'm trying to work on my proposal whenever possible, but it's difficult. I love my time with Elle. She's been doing awesome at school. Her vocabulary has exploded! I can't believe last year at this time she was just getting her first teeth and had no hair. It feels like it's going so fast. She's also adorable, but I could be biased. Earlier this month I went to St. Louis and presented a paper at my first conference. It was a really good experience. My paper was on media literacy as the bridge to a deliberative curriculum. I came away from the conference fired up, but I still have no idea what I want to do when I'm finished with this degree. Last weekend I surprised Chris with a trip to a bed & breakfast for his birthday. We went to the Cedar Rock Inn in Tulsa while Elle spent her first night away from both of us. She stayed the night with her Nana and Aunt Casey. Chris and I had a wonderful time even though it was hard being away from Elle. The two new dorm wings are really starting to come together. The construction is going on from sunrise to sunset, which is kind of annoying early in the morning. But they are working really fast so hopefully they won't be so loud for very long. The students are doing pretty well I think. Chris still loves his job. He has to give another test on Saturday, which he has scaled down from the last time. He's only giving one to the Junior's so maybe the grading won't be so bad. I think the biggest worry around here right now is what will come of the election. Funding is tied up in 744, which makes everyone worried as the budget is already tight. Also a lot of people worry that some legislators want to close the school because they prefer having the satellite campuses in their district. It would be a very unfortunate loss for everyone though if OSSM closed. This is a truly amazing place and gives students a boost that normally wouldn't get one. My wish is that every school was as wonderful as OSSM, which I guess is why I do what I do. We're still trying to adjust to a new congregation. We've been attending Memorial Road. We like the possibility of helping with the Village of Hope and that Elle is involved in a great children's ministry. The down side of a big church is not getting to know people very quickly. My word of advice is to really pay attention to new members or visitors. Right now we feel pretty discouraged about church. That's us lately!