Monday, February 12, 2018

Snow day fun

Today the kids had a scheduled two hour delay for faculty meetings. But an overnight snow meant that school got cancelled for the rest of the day. They’ve had so many delays and snow days that I’m surprised they’re learning anything! This was also the first day of pre-k registration and Chris still had to go up to the school at 5:30 am to make sure he got Reese on the list early. He came home for a bit and he and Todd shoveled off the driveway then took Reese out to play in it. They played for a while, and by mid morning the snow was starting to melt so we went to sam’s. I let the bigs get either a hot dog or big pretzel for lunch and we came home to watch Cars 3. After that we played in the basement for a while. Copper discovered the bulldozer and loved it! The big ones did a lot of legos today and Elle built her own version of the Winter Olympics complete with a luge! (You’re also getting a glimpse of the mess we still have in the basement. I promise it’s getting better little by little!) We had tacos for dinner, watched the kids new favorite—Wheel of Fortune, some Jeopardy and then it was time to get them ready for bed. They were all so tired and the Olympics come on so late here they had to miss them tonight. All in all they had very little bickering and played pretty well, even cleaning up their rooms so I call it a good day!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

moving to west virginia, august 2017

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia
Mountain mamma, take me home
Country roads

It has been six months since we moved to West Virginia. I figured it was time I said something about it. We technically, haven't even been in our house six months since once we got here we were basically homeless. It was probably one of the most vulnerable times of my life so far. To uproot four babies and not have a place to solidly land was so scary. We came on a wing and prayer hoping we'd find a house in the school zone we wanted, and before school started, not knowing really anybody or where anything was.

While the first few weeks were rough, we were very lucky that so many things worked out. We found a house quickly, were able to get one within our budget, in the neighborhood we wanted to, and get paperwork to enroll kids in the school we wanted before the year started. We were able to convince the seller to let us rent it before we closed, and he let us move our stuff off the truck and into his porch, garage, and basement before he was moved out. We were blessed by many people giving us shelter, food, support, and physical help moving and cleaning.

I wouldn't say we're glad to have moved from what we've known for so long, but we are and have been happy. Chris pointed out that we had been in over a dozen people's homes after we got here. Life is a slower pace and we needed it badly. We were all feeling the effects of the life we were living in OKC, and I'm afraid of what would have happened had we kept going. Stepping out of that has given us a new perspective. We've had more time to just be with each other. It doesn't take any time to commute anywhere. It's a safe place. The helicopter mode has been lifted some. The kids are able to play outside by themselves and we don't worry as much. Everyone has been so helpful and nice.

This really has been a leap of faith for us. Chris wasn't happy in the environment he was working in. One of the components of our marriage is to be doing things to glorify and build God's kingdom. Where he was at just didn't seem to be doing that. So he went on a hunt for some place that he would find good work to do. While we were sad that meant ultimately leaving OKC for a while, we knew we had to jump on this opportunity. And I can say with 100% certainty this has been a good thing. Chris has flourished in his new job. It's been wonderful to hear him speak in chapel, see him not be so stressed, and excited about his classes and projects he's able to work on now. We're very proud of him!

I'm mostly momma and trying to organize all our belongings in the new house. A task that is overwhelming at times. With such short notice to pack and sell the house we didn't get to go through much, and this house is so different from our other house. That's another post though! I'm also teaching at OVU in the education department, so you know keeping up a little of the old pace. It's been really special to spend more time with the kids.

We've tried to explore some of our new environment,  but with life having to start immediately once we got here, and with a new baby it's been slow. WV has some really great things about it though, and we can't wait to discover more. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

in my drafts

I found the following in a draft. Good examples of things I forgot they said, but I don't want to forget that they said them. Reese doesn't even ask about whether we're home anymore.

Todd: I'm going to live right over here so I'm close. In case you need me. Ok?

Reese: Are you home?

Elle: I'm going to keep swimming so maybe I can be in the Olympics.

Tomorrow I'll try and pay close attention to what they're saying to add to this list. And I know Copper will have some of these sooner than we think!

some things i don't want to forget

The other day we started talking about how Elle had an imaginary friend for a little while named Toko. This started with a little Christmas mouse toy we had, but eventually he became imaginary.

This led us to remember that Todd never had an imaginary friend, but an imaginary place. His factory. He has two stuffed bears, Herman and Rupert who would sometimes work in the factory, but generally everything else was imaginary. He would say things like he made something in his factory, or if it was something he wanted and we wouldn't get it for him he'd say he would get it from his factory. It was so cute!

Reese has transitioned from being with Todd all the time since he started Kindergarten to playing pretend on her own. So far no imaginary friends though. I think she and Copper with play well together once he gets big enough, but for now I'll catch her talking to herself and her toys a lot. It's sweet to hear her little voice involved in some scheme. It's also fascinating when I accidentally think she's talking to me and she corrects me and says she's pretending, and then she goes right back into the game she's playing.

I just realized how quickly I forgot about Todd's factory and I don't want to forget things like that. I'm so grateful for the resource this blog has been, and I really need to catch up everyone and myself on everything.

reese is 3!

Dear Reese,

You are three today, and the last three years have flown by! You are spunky, girly, and independent! You love wearing dresses, make up, princess shoes, jewelry, and painting your nails and toes. You've recently gotten big enough to wear some of Elle's old princess dresses and you enjoy playing dress up. You like to go to my bathroom and get in my make up, and my closet and wear my shoes. You love Todd and Elle, but you also like to pester them. You've enjoyed getting your big girl bed and sharing the new room with Elle, and spending time during the day playing with Todd after he gets home from Pre-K. You already love your baby brother intensely, and can't wait for him to get here. You have started using phrases that bigger people use, and already sound older. Purple is your "best friend," and so is Mops, and Lydia, and other things and people from time to time. You have picked up on counting, shapes, colors and saying the alphabet. You love to sing! You even try to sing along with the songs in big church even though you don't know the words. Outside is your happy place. You don't mind taking Mops out, even insisting on it most of the time, and running around the backyard by yourselves. Your other

current interests are Lion Guard, Sophia the First, and baby dolls.

Today you woke up and had your birthday donuts, and Elle and Todd helped you open some presents. You also had your last day of Sonshine School for the spring. You took popsicles to share with friends, and it was a bittersweet day to say goodbye to Mrs. Salina and Mrs. Lauren who love you dearly. You'll go back in the fall and be on the big kid hall!

We had planned to take you out to dinner, and then needed to go to Elle's softball meeting, BUT as you'll learn living in OK and being born during tornado season there will be times weather gets in the way. Storms meant we hunkered down instead. Daddy was able to come home early, and you got to FaceTime with your Aunt Kathy, cousin Weston, and Grammy and Grandad. You got lots of sweet messages from people all day. Thankfully, we only had rain and lightening and between storms you went with Daddy to pick up Panda Express. You got to pick a movie, and Sleeping Beauty was an easy pick for you.

You are loved to pieces, and we are so thankful to have another year with you!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

easter 2017

Checking out their loot from the Easter Bunny!

Tried to get a picture as soon as we got to church while they were fresh. Todd was just not having it!

Reese really loves her dress. She is telling me, "it's a dress like Ariel's!" Still our little mermaid!

We did an Easter program this year.

Here's a little sample:

Umpteenth time for an egg hunt in the gym!

Finally got a family picture when we got to Tulsa. Still Todd not having it, and I'm resolved to the fact that we'll probably rarely have a picture with everyone looking at the camera.

One with the cousins! They're all so big!

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening at the Taylors' house. Probably my last time to get to Tulsa before baby boy comes. My feet were so swollen by the time we got there. The kids did egg hunts, egg dying, and lots of playing! We ate lots of yummy food!

And another picture with the cousins in their jammies before we headed home.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

jr master chefs

The kids and I have a new activity to do together. We watch Master Chef Jr. I've watched previous seasons and thought the kids would enjoy it, but this is the first season I felt like they would be able to pay attention long enough to follow along. They instantly loved it! It's funny for them, and they've picked some favorite contestants. They've also been impressed that kids so young can do so much, and I love the way the kids on the show are so encouraging to each other. It has inspired them to help more in making meals, which has been really nice. I was also hoping it would inspire them to try some new foods, but not so much yet. I've also found them playing with the play kitchen more often, and timing each other to cook things. I'm planning a night when Chris is staying late at the dorm to have a "Master Chef" night and do a little competition with them to make dinner. We'll see who can earn their apron!